Egypt Startup Community Scholarship

scholarship description

Egypt Startup Community Scholarship (ESCS) is a fund collaboratively established and inaugurated by both ASB & RiseUp. Scholarship provided to cover MBA tuition fees for aspiring entrepreneurs, and creative business leaders to equip and empower them to further develop their projects and business ventures.

Selection Process

This scholarship is based on nominations from industry leaders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem for individual entrepreneurs who exemplified a successful journey that impacted the ecosystem and had a regional or global imprint.

Applicants must meet all the admission requirements at ASB and the award is decided by a joint committee of representatives by both parties. All scholarships shall be awarded on an objective and non-discriminatory basis.

Criteria and Eligibility

  • Geographic Focus: ESCS awards are only available for applicants from the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • Enrollment Status: Scholarship recipients are expected to be enrolled full-time.
  • Student and Academic Performance: Scholarship recipients must adhere to ASB rules, regulations and code of ethics; they must also maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0.


To be eligible for our SIP scholarship, you are required:

    • To be a full-time MBA student
    • Not to be on probation and maintain a minimum cumulative grade of B.
    • To submit the last 3-month payment slip/ HR letter stating your monthly salary and all other variables (bonus, profit share and similar)
    • To hold a bachelor’s degree
    • To submit an official transcript with a minimum GPA of 3.5 or higher
    • To have shown incredible extracurricular activities
    • Submit a project idea that serves the socio-economical and environmental domain in Egypt